Update on my experience with DD (Photos)


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Hello all. Just thought I'd update you on my shopping experience with DD. Let me preface by saying that this is my first replica shopping expedition, so I was anxious. It was truly a leap of faith for me to trust sending my money (Western Union) to a stranger across the globe; someone I have never personally met nor known. I basically took an enormous risk, and was willing to accept the outcome.

I ordered online on May 8th late evening, the order was put on hold, then the following day (May 9) I sent my cash payment by WU. I was given an invoice with payment details after I placed my order online. I then contacted their customer service both by WeChat and email telling them I will be sending money the following day. English replies were pretty good though limited to 2-3 sentences. They're always polite, and they tell you to be patient which was hard considering that I've entrusted my money to someone I don't know. I asked for pre-shipment photos and requested for tracking information. On May 13, I got a tracking information (China EMS) from them informing me that it was shipped. By this time, I still haven't received any pre-shipment photos, so I made a request again. I know it was too late because whatever photos they'd send me would be a moot point then since package already left.

On May 16 early morning, exactly one week after I sent payment, I received the photos. They looked good to me, so I was crossing my fingers that they'd match the actual bag. To my biggest surprise, later that morning, my parcel was delivered by our postal carrier. Can you imagine my excitement! I was very nervous and didn't quite know what to expect, and only hoped against all odds that the bag would at least meet my basic expectations - decent replica, no glaring flaws, presentable enough to bring to the mall that has the LV boutique :))), with no visible loose threads, cracked canvas, or "grossly" mis-aligned pattern. I was actually prepared for the worst, thinking this was a no guarantee transaction in the first place, LOL!

After carefully opening the box wrapped in multiple layers of duct tape, I was stoked! The bag came with the LV brown box tied with LV blue ribbon, LV store bag, dust bag, and card. I must say that it exceeded my expectations. This bag is just gorgeous and cute! I love hands-free bags nowadays. I became fond more of backpacks and cross-body bags since I became mom. They really come in super handy when you're out on field trips with the kids and running errands constantly.

More to the bag. Before I got the bag, I frequented the purseblog forum and looked at tons of photos of the LV Palm Spring World Tour mini backpack. I studied and scrutinized every photo so I know at least what to expect since our LV boutique doesn't have a stock of this one. They do have the plain monogram available, so I actually got to feel and hold that. At least it gave me some point of reference with how the bag feels, look and smells (;)).

I must say, this one is pretty dang good! It's as close as you can ever get to a 1:1. I am sure there's a flaw somewhere (I'm thinking the graphic paint sticker placement by a few mm, or the inside serial tag) but overall I am very happy and satisfied. It exceeded my expectations.

Without further ado, introducing my new LV rep bag.

image1 2.JPG
image1 2.JPG image3 2.JPG

image2 2.JPG image3.JPG image1 5.JPG image1 2.JPG image3 2.JPG image2 2.JPG image3.JPG image1 5.JPG
Love the detailed story in your review and thanks for sharing such detailed pictures, the canvas quality of rep bags seem like they keep improving major-ly year by year.
Thank you for posting so much detail about your experience. I am brand new here, considering ordering from DD, and your post makes me feel a little less nervous. Enjoy your new bag!