Update on my DD order

I just wanted to let everyone know that I received my order from DD. Although my account still shows 'on hold' the delivery was actually made on Wednesday.

This is my second order with them and I have concluded that the best thing is to be VERY patient when dealing with them. You cannot be in a hurry. And not to depend on the status in your account. The communication is always polite but not very detailed. I have had better experience asking no more then 2 questions at a time.

I hope this helps anyone debating if they should order or not. If you have any questions please don't hesitant to ask.
Hi! I want to make a purchase for my aunt, but she's extremely OCD about things. Do you know if the date code tags are correct? Did you ask for a receipt? Is it a US receipt?

Thanks so much!
They have a Hong Kong receipt - at least that's what I got last time I ordered. You can probably ask to clarify whether they have a US receipt. Some of my bags come with tags and then a few also don't so it depends on the model I guess. You could always ask them directly - I find them really helpful! What bag were you thinking of getting her?