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Do you have feedback on the forum/the way it is run? Is there a feature you would like added to the forum? Feel free to post here and our admin will take a look!


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In addition to trusted seller/dealers/, can we add a forum dedicated to "reputable or reliable" web blogs or sites? I just recently read that Eva Knox who is actively promoting against DD seller is related to Purse Valley. It helps to steer away unsuspecting buyers. Just a thought.
The site is called replicaforum, so maybe have a section called "other replica´s discussion" so if someone knows other trusted sites they can share them with us :) can be anything from watches, clothes, shoes, other accessories etc.

And maybe have a section called "Off-topic" so if anybody have general discussion/polls relating to other things they can have them there :) it would also strengthen the members socially. :) just a thought
Hi again i just noticed that i made an error in my birthyear and wanted to contact you (admin) but i noticed i cant send PM to others? :) maybe it would be a good addition to the forum? And could you help me edit my year to 1989 :) thanks
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