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Discussion in 'Prada' started by replicaforum, Feb 18, 2017.

  1. replicaforum

    replicaforum Administrator Staff Member


    Don't hesitate to share your beautiful Prada bags. We would love to see em! Post em here! ;)
  2. 2manypurses

    2manypurses New Member

    This is an authentic Prada I bought second hand recently. Love the bicolor look. Haven't seen any replicas like this out there otherwise I'd love to add another color combo to my collection. prada saffiano.jpeg
  3. angiepursequeen

    angiepursequeen New Member

    I absolutely love the bicolor look - I did see a replica version of it at DD once with the lighter/darker blue contrast and was thinking of buying it. Looking back, I should have totally gone for it.
  4. TiffanyBlue

    TiffanyBlue New Member

    omg! hey angie! :D i love your blog. i actually purchased a prada (i did a thread on) after seeing your reviews on your bolg. i would appreciate it if you took a look at it. thanks!
  5. Ani29

    Ani29 New Member

    I love this bag bicolor.. it's gorgeous.. enjoy ,,, Love Prada

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