Scam sellers list

what’s app +380 66 771 2291 sold me a bag she didn’t have in stock then stopped replying to me. she finally did when i threatened to open a paypal claim but then told me the bag wasn’t in stock. it had been two weeks at that point. she tried to get me to accept a different bag instead. i think this is a new deception technique. it’s happened to me five times now where i’m sold something not in stock and then after a few weeks i finally ask for a refund and then the seller says it’s not in stock but tries to get me to purchase something else. this seller said she’d “custom make” the bag and then accused me of stealing my money back and said she wouldn’t make the bag anymore and was refusing to refund me because i “already had the money”. i might be out $620 now. hopefully paypal will come through soon. beware of this scammer. she’ll sell u something she doesn’t have then leave you hanging for weeks then refuse a refund and curse you out.
why can like that? can they refund you? if no stock or can not solve, they sure have to return money to you
a seller on dhgate lvmi8888 scammed me. whatsapp is +86 130 4377 4747. they said if i bought 3 bags they’d ship through dhl for free. they only shipped me two bags and it was through epacket, not dhl. i kept asking about the bags and finally threatened to open a case to dhgate, and then they shipped the third bag. it took forever to receive and when i finally did, the cc logo on the bags were completely crooked and the bags were made of PU. i was told they are top quality and they were complete crap. i’m now trying to get my money back but the seller will only refund $75 when i’m asking for at least half back. avoid them at all costs!
Has anyone had any experience good or bad with ELUX3000 ( They accept Visa/Mastercard but I'm hesitant about giving my cc number to unknown companies. They say they've been in business for 5 years.