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  1. Karrey

    Karrey New Member

    hey there ! Has anyone ever ordered from Roselilyreps??
  2. pursedrama

    pursedrama New Member

    They are a known scam. They scammed some other forum members so stay away from them.
  3. Karrey

    Karrey New Member

    Boo . I ordered something already but I sent the $$ thru PayPal . They asked it be sent via friends and family but I said no cuz you are not protected. I sent it via goods and services so I’m protected. PayPal is amazing if you get scammed so let them try
  4. Karrey

    Karrey New Member

    Well so far so good.. Rose lily reps is very responsive to my emails. And gave me their WeChat number so I get faster response. They just sent me a video of my bag and the tracking number. I’m super excited!
  5. Karrey

    Karrey New Member

    Hello! I got my bag from Roselily and It was a little misshapen from shipping but I stuffed it and getting shape back. Real leather xxl silver Chanel travel bag! Love!! Great price too $265 compared to $500 or more on other sites
  6. Lise

    Lise New Member

    I also bought from her without any struggle. The thing is that this forum is useless... you can’t post without being told that you’re the seller himself or trying to scam people. I don’t even post no more lol
  7. BabyBeBop

    BabyBeBop New Member

    I like this forum because it has helped me immensely! I feel safe and haven't had a bad experience thanks to all the lovely ladies here <3 Would really like to see pics of your new bags, and hear about your experience too.
  8. Lise

    Lise New Member

    Maybe you can send me your email, because last time I posted pictures of my Diorama they got deleted...

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