Purse Valley vs. Designer Discreet?????

Discussion in 'Designer Discreet (DD)' started by Nicole Jastrzemski, Mar 31, 2017.

  1. Nicole Jastrzemski

    Nicole Jastrzemski New Member

    I was wondering although I am certain I transposed one of their names....these 2 companies seem to be the 2 most reputable and do actually post pictures of their replica products. Now...one is a bit more expensive than the other but what would be amazingly helpful...any advice which has a better quality product. I should say I am looking at the Louis Vuitton Arts GM or MM size undecided yet. Thanks for all of the tips so far.
  2. Aiche

    Aiche Member

    Hi Nicole Pursevalley has really bad reviews and a lot of people have been burned by them. Designer Discreet on the other hand is known to be more trustworthy. Their customer service is slow but they are not cheats like PV. PV doesn't even send a bag that looks like the pictures and it usually falls apart in a couple of months. DD bags last as long as the original. I personally don't think there is much of a debate between buying from the two.
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  3. Nicole Jastrzemski

    Nicole Jastrzemski New Member

    Thank you so very much for the advice and I will buy from DD without reservation. THANKS
  4. London

    London New Member

    Do you know anything about the patina on the LVinogram canvas on these bags from DD?
  5. Babsslovesbags

    Babsslovesbags New Member

    I am interested in knowing also
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  6. Aiche

    Aiche Member

    Everything I've got from them so far has patinated beautifully over time. Only real cowhide will patinate, so if your bag doesn't patina you didn't get real leather finishings. I have attached pics that show the patina on my Totally. Weather's a bit rainy so I'm not sure if it is clearly visible. Will post more on a sunnier day.
    IMG_5927.JPG IMG_5926.JPG
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  7. Babsslovesbags

    Babsslovesbags New Member

    How has your red trim stood up over time? Has any flaked off or is it staying firm like an authentic. Would you say the bag zipped smoothly?
  8. Aiche

    Aiche Member

    This is a really old bag I bought about 4 years ago from them and the trim has not flaked off at all. The bag zips smoothly. I will say that their bags have improved a lot and my Neverfull I bought last year is honestly even better in terms of construction/trimmings than my Totally from way back.
  9. London

    London New Member

    Does the red trim look bright red ? Shiny ? I see that in some replicas and it's a dead giveaway for me and something I'm looking to avoid. Authentic uses closer to a maroon paint it seems
  10. Aiche

    Aiche Member

    The couple of LV bags I bought last year had a more brownish-red trim. The red trim is from older LV's (authentic LV's also had a brighter red trim back in the day). My Totally has a brighter red trim. I'll post pics when it's light outside b/c my iphone doesn't take good ones in the dark.
  11. Babsslovesbags

    Babsslovesbags New Member

    Great thank you for the update
  12. BabyBeBop

    BabyBeBop New Member

    You are so helpful! I really want a Neverfull from DD and all your answers have pushed me over the edge. I'm doing it soon!
  13. kunakuna

    kunakuna New Member

    I have experienced form another new emerging brand indigozy dot com
    accept paypal so was wayy hassle free and cheaper than DD
  14. Myglamour

    Myglamour New Member

    DD has outrageous prices for china replicas! $470-500 for a small bag, $220 for a belt... this is crazy!
  15. Veeg

    Veeg New Member

    I bought some from fallin2fashion and they are great! I am trying to find but their new website does anyone know?
  16. bagluver1

    bagluver1 New Member

    I would agree but at the same time if you look at the retail prices of the real products then it is basically a steal. At the end of the day they are luxury items, so $400-500 dollars is not a terrible price for a quality bag (minus the brand name). At least we aren't paying thousands of dollars. But hey thats just my opinion.
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  17. Aryel

    Aryel New Member

    Agreed. I bought a chanel rep for $545 and some may think that is crazy but I'm sitting here absolutely giddy about the fact that I save about $4,500 if I were to go for a new one at the boutique. I think it's crazy that people cheap out when it comes to reps - isn't the whole point to get a bag as good as the original?
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  18. balenciagagirl3

    balenciagagirl3 New Member

    I think saying their prices are "outrageous" is a bit harsh. I have purchased from them plenty of times and have had no issues with quality. I would rather pay the price and get a high quality bag from a reputable seller than try to nickel and dime for a replica bag, especially considering I was already willing to pay the retail price for the authentic bag which costs way more (up to 10 times as much).
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