Pics of your Louis Vuitton!

Discussion in 'Louis Vuitton' started by fabuloux, Nov 29, 2016.

  1. fabuloux

    fabuloux New Member

    Hey everyone,

    I created this thread simply because I would love to see everyone's LV authentic & replica collection. In my opinion LV is the best handbag designer.

    This is my newest addition to my collection - a Louis Vuitton Tivoli:

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  2. Member

    This is my Alma in the soft leather in the color Magnolia! It's not a replica but thought I'd share since its a favorite ;)

    lv alma ppm authentic replica forum.jpeg
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  3. bagmama

    bagmama New Member

    louis vuitton trevi replica forum.jpeg

    Old is gold. My fav
  4. bebelover

    bebelover New Member

    @bagmama old is really gold lol ... I've abused the hell outta my speedy but here it is still standing up and ready to roll :p
    louis vuitton speedy replica forum.jpeg
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  5. aleeesa

    aleeesa New Member

    OMG! I love your Tivoli! I am at work unfortunately right now... But once I get home Ill post a pic of my replica LV Neverfull!
  6. Member

    @bebelover... Please let me know where you got that from, it is absolutely a beaut!
  7. Suzz

    Suzz New Member

    I have yet to get a louis vuitton speedy - yours is marvellous :)
  8. neverfullqu33n

    neverfullqu33n New Member

    I have a gigantic Neverfull collection and wasn't sure what to go with first but decided the limited edition Papillon was worthy of showing off! I'm thinking of selling it actually/giving it to my niece for her birthday.

    lv papillon.jpeg
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  9. London

    London New Member

    Does anyone ever notice how bright red the LV replica paint is on the handles ? Like too red and shiny. I have never seen authentic look this red or shiny. Does it fade? I'm talking about the Tivoli in this thread and not the Papillion. The pap looks like the perfect authentic red.
  10. Aiche

    Aiche Member

    Authentic LV's were painted with that bright red finish back in the day too. Now they've updated it to the brownish red non shiny trim so that's why the brighter one looks fake!
  11. BabyBeBop

    BabyBeBop New Member

    I would love to see more neverfull please! I found this helpful forum awhile ago and have been thinking about getting my first one ever since. Can anyone share a pic of their Neverfull especially from DD?
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  12. Starbubbles

    Starbubbles New Member

    I think it depends on the bag, I could be wrong? I have one replica that has that red shiny paint the others don’t.
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