Perfect Chanel jumbo!!

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  1. Karrey

    Karrey New Member

    Found a new replica website. That takes PayPal because that’s always a big issue for me. Anyway I’m super impressed.! packaged beautifully . ordered on a Tuesday and got the following Tuesday! The leather is gorgeous and smells amazing. I put it side-by-side with my authentic jumbo and I cannot find any difference whatsoever. Stitch count, turn lock , symmetry, and the serial number inside matches the serial number card as well. And the best part is the price. I’m not spending over $400 on a replica handbag! $330 total for this bag.
  2. Karrey

    Karrey New Member

    Guess which one is My new replica and which one is my authentic

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  3. Silana

    Silana New Member

    Hi Karrey, can you share, where you bought your amazing bag?
  4. falashade

    falashade New Member

    Hey Karry!! What’s the website?
  5. MaxIL

    MaxIL Moderator

    Best to verify your seller before sharing the site :)
  6. Karrey

    Karrey New Member Is the website! I cannot see ANY difference from my authentic and this replica. I’ve checked it Thoroughly. I don’t understand how they are even able to authenticate handbags.. I made sure before I ordered to send message first and verify That they would send me the best quality or I would never order again and I would not refer my friends! I’ve purchased 3 so far and one onthe way
  7. MaxIL

    MaxIL Moderator

    Hi folks!
    I wouldnt recommend buying anything from that site since the server is not secured (HTTPS) as you can see on the URL. And the website is only one month old, so this looks like a Scam, and i think Karrey is Behind that website. :)

    And how is it possible you already have purchased 4 times from the site and its only one month old?
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  8. pursedrama

    pursedrama New Member

    Agreed with Max. Looks very scammy to me.
  9. Karrey

    Karrey New Member

  10. Karrey

    Karrey New Member

    Oh please !! I’m Not Chinese.. Anyway, Everything I said was true. And I also bought some from a new site called! He has beautiful bags as well. And I finally got the nerve to use WesternUnion for the bigger discounts and everything has been kosher. But I went on there the other day and they’re all shut down And it shows lawsuit from Chanel! Lol But I’m sure if I emailed them they’ll give me a secret website to check out.
    Actually now it’s . I guess he’s going to just keep reopening under different numbers
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  11. Pinky

    Pinky New Member

    The site still up. I'm going to order I'm going to give it a try
  12. Karrey

    Karrey New Member

    Hey there Pinky! I love 8sreplicachanel better now. I’ve ordered about 5 bags from them and have been super happy.. I use WesternUnion too! I was terrified I was gonna get scammed but I got my bags in less than a week.. Li Angle is my buddy there a jumbo runs bout $280 with all the discounts! [email protected] Is my email and I can show you pictures. I can’t seem to upload them on this site because keeps saying that the file is too big

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