Need Advice for Buying a Replica Bag for My Wife


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My wife's birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks and I need advice to help me pick the perfect replica bag for her. I don't want to waste thousands on the real thing and having some fake watches myself I know that the fake can be good enough to please a person while being almost as good as the real. I am thinking of going for either a Louis Vuitton or Celine bag. I would like her to have light weight versatile everyday work bag that can also be used for weekends. She doesn'’t carry a lot of stuff to work and likes to be hands free usually. I'm thinking of adding an LV wallet as well. Do you have any suggestions? I'm currently deciding between these 2 bags right now:

Louis Vuitton MONTAIGNE

Louis Vuitton PALLAS
What a well thought surprise for your wife's birthday! :)

I like the Pallas better because it has more of a casual book. The Montaigne is gorgeous too but I personally favor the Pallas.
What about a Speedy? It's available in Damier Azur, Ebene, the Monogram print or even the Empreinte? It's super functional and a classic LV bag that will never go out of style.
My husband surprised me with the Speedy 30 in Damier Ebene and I adore this purse! It doesn't have to patina like the other LV's with the lighter leather finishing and trims so if you want a very easy LV bag I suggest you go for something in the DE print.
Geez I wish my hubby would surprise me with an LV bag one of these days. The most of I've gotten out of him is an MK bag which I hardly use. Between the Montaigne and the Pallas I'd go with the Pallas because the pop of color is really nice and I like the shape of the bag better overall. However as others are suggesting a Speedy would be an awesome intro to LV since it is easy to use and a timeless bag.