My new LV from Joy!

Hiya, I’m new and have been looking for the best place to buy this bag from. Would anyone be able to share joys info with me too please?? Thanks in advance
I had a really bad experience with Joy. I bought a Damier ebene neverfull mm for $172. I asked her to send me photos before she shipped it to me and she did but I didn't like what I saw because it didn't look as good as Designer Discreet bags. I asked for a refund but until today I haven't gotten my money back. It's been 3 months. Now she ignores all my emails. Just letting you know to be carefully. So far DD have been the best in this business.
Hi everyone! I wanted to let you guys know about my recent purchase!
On March 21st I placed an order for a Damier Azur Neverfull Rose Ballerine MM and a Monogram cosmetic bag. I received them both yesterday April 1st. I'm super pleased with both! Joy replied to all my emails promptly and even emailed me about a Galleria PM in my order that was her last one, and had the wrong placement of the LV logos (sent me pics of actual bag) so I could decide. I will be ordering again!
Hi, I sent her Joy an email but Joy has not responded. The website Joy gave me is I have the username and password. Do you know if the site has changed?