My New Chanel Jumbo Flap Rep

Discussion in 'Perfect C Club' started by VelvetRabbit1, Feb 23, 2017.

  1. VelvetRabbit1

    VelvetRabbit1 New Member

    So glad to share this review. How good of a rep would you guys rate this? It's my first Chanel replica and it looks amazing to me but I'm not an experienced rep buyer so I thought I'd ask the opinion of those who have bought a couple of Chanel reps already. I got it from PCC.

    beige chanel lambskin leather.JPG chanel rep bag lambskin beige.JPG
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  2. neverfullqu33n

    neverfullqu33n New Member

    It's stunning!!! The leather looks very soft which I've never seen in a rep before. Who's PCC?
  3. Ani29

    Ani29 New Member

    Hi, are these two or one bag :)? the tan Chanel is really lovely the stitches are continue when closing the bag (to shape a perfect diamond shape) the gray one doesn't seem follow the same rule.. The leather look soft.. Enjoy..
  4. VelvetRabbit1

    VelvetRabbit1 New Member

    It's one bag just the lighting makes it look different. Yeah the leather is very soft so I was surprised myself. The quilting looks weird in the first pic since the camera is tilted. PCC is

    I got it from the trusted seller list on the forum
  5. aleeesa

    aleeesa New Member

    OMG I love this baggg so much!!! Drooling & want one for myself now ;);)
  6. Snoopy

    Snoopy New Member

    The bag looks amazing, but how is the hardware? In my experience this is where a really good replica stands out from an average one. The hardware should be as heavy as possible.
  7. pursedrama

    pursedrama New Member

    Snoopy is right about that based on what I've read elsewhere. Please update us on the hardware weight. I'm planning my next bag purchase and I think its gonna be a Chanel rep so I'd really like to know.
  8. Josceline

    Josceline New Member

    Sorry to barge, but I've been wanting to check out PCC (I want to purchase a Classic Jumbo) and so I emailed them twice since it seems you need a password.. but no reply, do u have any suggestions for me, I'd really appreciate it!
  9. Babsslovesbags

    Babsslovesbags New Member

    Interested in knowing how the hardware turned out also.
  10. VelvetRabbit1

    VelvetRabbit1 New Member

    Hello all! Sorry for not seeing all these posts sooner. The hardware is actually very heavy. I went to the Chanel store last week and compared my bag in person ..was very nervous to do so... but the sales associate didn't bat an eye and thought my bag was real. I also look at a black caviar jumbo flap and the hardware felt the same in terms of heaviness.
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  11. Jossy

    Jossy New Member

    I also went to this site and requested a passcode twice with nothing!
    Also, how much was that Chanel you bought? It's gorgeous!
  12. sari

    sari New Member

    Hey, I would want to buy off of that same website, but I'm so scared of doing a wire transfer through the bank... Does the bank think its suspicious? What if you need to be reimbursed? Did anybody else buy off of the website? They claim they've been in the business for years and that they've had a lot of clients, but I don't see any reviews on their website... Please someone let me know! I'd be really interested in buying a caviar classic flap from them! From what I see on the pictures on the website, the purses look real!!
  13. sari

    sari New Member

    From what I saw on the website everything is around 500 dollars or more, which is not that bad I think
  14. VelvetRabbit1

    VelvetRabbit1 New Member

    Hi Sari I did a Western Union transfer. It was a gamble and risky which I expected when shopping for replicas but it paid off. The bag is holding up very well and I'm planning on going for a caviar flap soon too.
  15. Crista513

    Crista513 New Member

    Hey! Did you ever get a password to PCC? I'm still waiting on one :(
  16. Taml

    Taml New Member

    The password is welovecoco. If you got wechat you can also contact them. I have been talking to xinya. I haven't order yet. Bit if you guys do let me know. Thanks.
  17. mac78

    mac78 New Member

    password welovecoco
  18. mac78

    mac78 New Member

    Could you please post pictures of the inside

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