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    Dear forum members,

    We want to make this forum a thriving place for you to discuss all your designer rep shopping experiences. In order to do so we are going to have monthly giveaways.

    How do you participate in the giveaway? Simply participate constructively in the forum throughout the month. This includes doing things like posting a review, participating in threads, and overall making the forum a more interesting and informative place to be!

    Please note: spamming or unhelpful comments do not count as constructive participation & will be dealt with accordingly.

    The more you participate the more entries you will receive into the monthly giveaway. We will post a new thread each month highlighting the monthly winner & the prize for the week.

    Good luck to all forum members & may the odds be with you.
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    Thanks! I will try, am glad I found this place! make my replica buying feel much safer! xx
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