LV wallet I won here in the forum.

Discussion in 'Louis Vuitton' started by WhatTheElle, Feb 12, 2018.

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    I recieved the LV wallet I won today. I couldn't tell who the seller was. It is the LV Kimono wallet in noir. I have attached photos. Here are my thoughts
    1. The gift bag and bok were a little damaged, and the box is different than what I see in YouTube videos. Personally these will go in trash for me so they don't matter.
    2. Dust bag also looks different than those I have seen in videos for this piece, unsure about paper documentation. Neither of these matter to me either.
    3. The wallet! Looks nice from what I can tell, stitching looks good the print on the canvas looks correct to me. Hardware matches from what I can tell. I really like it.

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  2. neverfullqu33n

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    Looks like the package got damaged during shipping. It's happened to me and it sucks but as you said I don't find the package to always be spot on so I usually get rid of it. The actual wallet itself looks lovely! I can tell the monogram/leather quality is pretty good from the pic which is the most important aspect. Enjoy it!
  3. WhatTheElle

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    i scrutinized the photos on the lv website, and the wallet looks perfect. So yeah I am thrilled.
  4. MaxIL

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    Looks beautiful :D
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    MOD update: prize sponsor was Designer Discreet.

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