is this replica website legit?

I just made a purchase from essemce of luxury. I have not received my package yet but what I can tell you so far is that my payment was processed very quickly. I actually got confirmation from the site before WU sent it so they are exceptionally responsive and keep you updated. I was also updated on when the package was prepared for shipping which was within 48 hours of my order being placed. I did upgrade to DHL shipping and my package is scheduled to be arriving on Monday. Considering I just placed by order on the 3rd and it will be arriving on the 8th I have to say I am impressed with their turn around and their communication has been top notch every step of the way. Of course I am withholding judgement until I see the product itself but so far I'd say they are conducting themselves as a very legit and professional business. Assuming the quality is good I will definitely be ordering again. I will update on Monday when the package arrives to let you know more.
My bag arrived yesterday and I am really thrilled with the quality. I can't speak for all designs on the site but the bag I ordered definitely is great quality and I am planning on ordering again. I went into detail about the packaging, the bag itself and my overall impression on another thread but if you have any questions, feel free to ask.
Hey MarieRose,
How did you go about buying it? Was it the same you saw in the image? They just have such a huge selection with different prices then when you go to buy it asks for the size and color. Was this your experience? Thanks!!!
The size/color question appears on all of their listings as I think they are using a default format for all of them- I left it blank and there were no issues. If they have a question about your order they will contact you via email. The third order I placed with them something happened to be out of stock- they emailed me asking if I wanted to replace it with something else or have the item made for me- letting me know it would take a few days for them to make it for me. Definitely better communication than I've experienced with other sellers.
The bag I received is almost identical to the bag in the photos though the one I got actually has slightly better print alignment than the one that was shown. Aside from that all of the details were just as the pictures showed. Same goes for the other items I've ordered from them so far (shoes and a wallet)
My second order was for a pair of shoes and for those I put my requested size in the size/color box and they sent the exact size requested so I think you only need to use that box where its relevant and just leave it blank where its not.