How do you guys feel about offer? i personally LOVE the site. There are sellers on there who's products aren't as good. But I think it takes a lot of patience and dedication to actually spend time and find the perfect seller on the site. what are your thoughts?


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Be careful on I offer yes it looks good to be true , but I have been scammed four times on ioffer so I would not recommend ioffer? But good luck
I would partially agree, I have bought from ioffer as some sellers offered paypal option. I have since bought a few items there, usually small leather goods and have mixed experience so far. There are two sellers whom I purchased in more than one occasion, both offer decent quality and paypal option. They can also send detailed pictures of the specific items I was looking for, so that gave me a bit more confidence. They are both very responsive on Whatsapp. Shipping was using DHL so it reached me in Europe in two working days only.
I love Ioffer! I still shop on Ioffer from time to time. I definitely look at seller feedback and do my research. Some of my replicas have been amazing, some not some much. Right now, I only have one seller that buy from at the moment.