i LOVE LOVE LOVE my first prada

Discussion in 'Designer Discreet (DD)' started by TiffanyBlue, Feb 25, 2017.

  1. TiffanyBlue

    TiffanyBlue New Member

    recieved my package last week and truly in love with this bag. this was my first replica purchase, so far really impressed. yay! :p

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  2. Chi

    Chi New Member

    Gorgeous - where did you purchase it from?
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  3. Nicole Jastrzemski

    Nicole Jastrzemski New Member

    That's lovely...could you message me if you purchase it at DD? Thanks
  4. TiffanyBlue

    TiffanyBlue New Member

    Yes I got it from DD :)
  5. Caroline Kennedy

    Caroline Kennedy New Member

    Your Prada bag is beautiful.
    I love the color it's a great color to get as it will match with almost all/or everything you wear. Enjoy!
  6. TiffanyBlue

    TiffanyBlue New Member

    Thank you! It has been a couple of months now and the bag is holding up excellent. I am actually looking to purchase a Neverfull now.
  7. Fififay

    Fififay New Member

    Have you purchased any other Prada bags from DD? I’m thinking of getting either the double bag or paradigme

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