I can get you any replica bag. Great Seller!

My name is Andrea and I am selling replica handbags online. I was looking around for high quality bags that look like the real deal only much cheaper. I found a blogger and she basically tells what sites are good or bad. I finally found one and I'm now trying to make some money doing that. I am currently on instagram. #ISellReplicas
The only thing is because of the nature of handbags and because they take so long to arrive, I do not accept refunds. I have found that with some replica sites, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Everyone has different tastes in quality...what I like to remember is they are replicas...their not supposed to be LV OR Gucci.

Just like my title says I can get you any bag...pretty much...just name you brand and the bag style.Also, I accept several forms of payment. Google pay, western Union, and square. Thank you so much! Check me out on instagram!
Hello I Am Looking For Hermès Birkin 40 Replica Can You Help The Thing Is I Am Scared Sending People My Money That I Don’t Know I Would Like Them To Accept PayPal Thanks
How are you? Thank you so much for responding! Yes, I can help you find one! A few things about me is I accept the payment first from you, then I purchase the item. I would like to use Square because I can invoice the total of the item and you can pay via your email address. The invoice will ask you for a Name and mailing address as well. The reason I don't use paypal is they hold funds...and it's sometimes more than a week and with replicas it can already take awhile to arrive at your door, I wouldn't want to make the process longer than it has to be. When you wait for something you really want it feels like a eternity. :)

if you could attach a photo of the item you would like that would be very helpful. Let me know! Have a wonderful day!