How to purchase your first rep.

Hi, can someone please advise me how to get a good Chanel. I am new to this forum and will be first time purchasing for me. Pls help.

Shopping for the first time can be confusing and lead to a lot of repetitive questions, I decided a how-to guide for first time rep bag buyers (or replica shoes, watches etc.) would be a good idea. So here are some common questions and advice to help you along with them:

Many people have a specific bag in mind, however many others want to know whats the most authentic / close-to-genuine rep is. The truth is you will NOT find every model you want in a mirror quality handbag. Especially if you choose to go for the fringe/lesser-known models. The logic behind this is simple - manufacturers produce popular bags/models with more care since the demand is higher - more demand = more supply = a chance for better supply! The following brands are known to be produced very well: Louis Vuitton (not all models but many), Celine, CC, and Hermes,YSL, Prada, Balenciaga, Burberry (their original bags are made in China so this one's a no brainer) etc. You can ask your trusted seller what brand they suggest and usually they are open to telling you what they think is best (they do see these rep's all the time so it's natural that they'd be the best at knowing what's the best).

The trusted seller list on this forum is compiled by picking sellers which have a long standing record for not ripping off their customers and have good reputation in terms of product quality. While they are all trusted doesn't mean they're equally active. Once you choose a TS, please trust that they will not run off with your money - if they were to do that they would have been removed from our list ASAP. Many of the Trusted Sellers here sell hundreds to thousands of bags monthly. Many of the Trusted Sellers have been in business for at least a couple of years. They aren't interested ruining their reputation and sabotaging their future business by scamming a person for one bag or item.

Often a first time buyer complains on a buyer review thread after not getting a reply from their TS within 12 hours. Most Trusted Sellers here live in China. Keep in mind that while it might be daytime here in Europe or the Americas, they are probably asleep since it's the middle of the night there. The time difference means it might be Saturday or Sunday there, and they may be out with family or friends. Once you wire the money or charge your credit card, it takes an average of 3-5 days for the bag to arrive from factory for them to quality control. Sometimes the TS will have a bag in stock, and you'll have QC photos within the next few hours, sometimes the factories have to make from scratch, and may take up to five days or more.

A good rule of thumb is to allow 3 days before sending another email to them asking where your bag is at. Then allow another 2 days for them to reply you. It doesn't mean they'll necessarily take 2 days, but give them time to sort things out or return from vacation. If there is still no reply after a ridiculously long time, then it is time to reach out to us and we will help leverage your communication with them. Do not directly resolve to complaining or writing a bad review on forum right away, the moderators and admins of this forum are not very sympathetic with potential defamation of Trusted Sellers. Many times a new buyer doesn't get a reply within 12 hours, complains with bad review, moderator condemns behavior, TS returns email when they woke up and saw how bad things elevated. Problem resolved because they always do, trusted sellers would rather lose money than credibility. The new buyer ends up apologizing in thread. Why bother make it an embarrassment in the first place? You have to realize buying a replica is not like going through a drive-thru restaurant where it only takes minutes to get your order, or even like Net-a-Porter etc. which are based in America/Europe. Patience is very important when shopping for replicas - if you can't be patient it's better not to even bother trying to buy a rep of any kind.

Member2Member trades: If you have a bag you are no longer in love with and want to get off your hands you can post it under a trade and then communicate with other members to figure out an arrangement. NO PROFESSIONAL SELLERS allowed on the trade forum - you will be banned right away if you try to engage in such activity!

Most Trusted Sellers provide the same methods of payment: credit card, direct bank transfer, western union etc. Some provide up to 10% discount if you choose to wire money through Western Union or Moneygram. One important thing to remember is that you shouldn't be too quick to seek chargeback via paypal or credit card. As mentioned before, just because a trusted seller does not answer you right away does not mean they're trying to scam you. Sometimes they're sleeping or away, or if it's Saturday or Sunday they need weekends too.

Often things get resolved if you just allow them a little trust and time. You may have gotten your money back from chargeback, but it damages your credibility with credit card company and paypal too. Furthermore may result in a permanent removal of your account / IP from RF. Which may not be a big deal for you, but why complicate an issue that the Trusted seller was willing to deal with if you just trust them in the first place?

Like I mentioned, they sell hundreds of bags monthly. Lets say if $50 is their profit margin. why would they lose out on a stable monthly income of $5000+ for a measly one-time $400?
None of the sellers use Paypal because of the high scam rates and trigger happy buyer disputes. Western Union usually gives you the best price. If you run into problems with an RF dealer, contact us and we can use our leverage to help you out!

This part may seem slightly repetitive, but after the excitement of the bag finally arriving, many people start going through scrutinizing comparisons between their new bag and online photos of the genuine, and start picking their bag apart. While many reps do an extremely good job of resembling the authentic counterpart, remember it is nonetheless not an authentic bag. That's why you paid hundreds/thousands less. If your intentions are to enjoy the bag yourself, you do not need it to be 100% perfect down to the serial #. Even the best of the best replicas have a 1-2% difference to their genuine counterparts, but these differences cannot usually be differentiated by 99.9% of people out there. Many of our members on this forum have real bags & fake bags and cannot tell the difference so finding microscopic differences are not really useful. The cliched saying in the rep world is "wear with confidence" and that's essentially all you need. A recent study pointed out most LV bags you see out there are fake - so remember that no one's going to strip the bag from your arm to do a closeup analysis just to prove that its a fake (most don't even have the analytical skills to be able to point out the differences), so enjoy your new bag and welcome to RF.
Did you find the list of trusted sellers?
i would like the list too