How do sellers get vetted?

hey all, I’m obviously new and this is my first post, but I browse the forum here and there.

I’ve seen mention of not advertising new sellers until they’re vetted, which is totally understandable, just wondering what that process is?

Also, In the past I’ve read not great reviews about designer discreet, so I’ve personally never purchased from them based on that. So I was surprised to see them highly recommended here.

Thank you


Staff member
The vetting process includes many members purchasing from the same company and giving us positive feedback about them.

If you have a new seller you wish to share you need to simply share proof of your purchase, and review to our email to be vetted. We get too many new sellers or scam sellers pretending to be legit.

The trusted sellers you see have all a) been around for years; b) have consistently good reviews (minus the fake ones); and c) in the mod's personal experience have also turned out to be good brands. If you have any other questions feel free to ask. We could let the forum loose and let everyone post everything left right and center but that would cause a big headache for us on the admin side since we would have to spend 24/7 scam checking so it is much easier to do it the other way around.