Has anybody shopped from these sellers?

Hi everyone,

I am trying to find a good seller after I had a bad experience with DD:( I came across with the following sellers but I am not sure if I can trust them or how their quality is. Has anybody shopped from them? How is their quality compare to DD?

londinium_official_prices(Instagram): I have seen so many reviews about this one. Mostly good but I need to know how their quality is compare to DD. Please let me know if you shopped from them and DD, and what you thought about their quality.

jackywang61(instagram): the pictures on the account are great. I also contacted her to get more pictures. All were pretty good but I am not sure if the seller is a scam or legit. Looks like it is pretty new and I don't see any reviews. She mentioned their site is sellbag.ru for Gucci only.Is anybody familiar with this seller?

+86 181 1248 6591(Whatsapp): I saw an amazing recommendation for this seller in one of the forums. I contacted with them. The pictures that they sent look great. They said their site is www.replicaluxurybags.com (GG Studio) . Hermes bags on the site look amazing and handmade with HIGH price. I was thinking about making a purchase but when I searched for more reviews, I noticed the first review I saw was fake(Because the same person posted similar reviews with the same paragraphs multiple times and pictures that she posted are from the website even though the review states that they were her bags) so I can't trust them anymore. Has anybody shopped from this seller?

Note: I mostly buy LV but sometimes buy other brands too.

hi, I recently purchased a bag from Jesscia with [email protected] and the quality of the bag was amazing. It was a mirror image replica and I couldn’t be happier with the purchase. I would like to urge everyone to buy from her as I have never seen quality this close to the actual authentic bags and shoes.Her customer service and communication was fast and I will be purchasing from her again!