I purchased a gucci DIONYSIS Wallet On Chain from Designer Discreet in March 2018. Everything was fine for a few weeks and then the chain broke under no weight at all! Long story short, very disappointed. I reached out to DD via emily on we chat, and although very apologetic wasn't very helpful. They offered to fix it if I sent it back to China but at my own cost. I asked to be sent another chain, they would not do that.

My personal opinion is that although they are very polite and courteous when communicating with them they seemed not to care too much about sending a very poor quality chain with the bag. The answer I got was basically you will have to get it fixed we cant help you now, and that even counter quality and authentic bags sometimes defective. That may be the case but i doubt it in most circumstances with authentic bags.

I could tell once the chain snapped that the quality was not there, it may be different with the other models of the dionysis. So, I think I probably would buy again from them, maybe a more produced model of bag next time in the hope that it would be ok but as you can imagine maybe slightly reluctant to.

The bag has a slight issue with the alignment of the leather the inside but all round was very is very nice/good!

I feel they CAN be trusted with the buying and selling but if there is ever a problem thats when your on your own basically.
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Hi Jolene that sucks to hear! You should ask them for a coupon for your next bag - that's what they gave me when one of my bags had issues. They did however replace one of my bags when it was damaged 2 orders ago. Order a Chloe - their Chloe bags are AMAZING!