Gucci Dionysis Wallet On Chain (WOC)

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I wanted to share my experience with buying a bag from DD. first time I ordered and spent about $290 in total. From when I paid with WU it took a week to arrive ! I was impressed with the time! 10/10 for delivery.
I was a bit nervous as to the quality of the bag as I have had a bad experience before with very poor quality from an instgram seller.

Anyway, I received my bag and was surprised and very disappointed that the packaging was very poor quality, although the box and dust bag had gucci written on it, it was not what you would have got from the store at all!

The box was an old special edition of a gucci box, which they have obviously just kept using probably because of cost and the dust bag was purple! and really crap, to be honest I would not be showing anyone as its a total giveaway right there. so I would say packaging for this bag 4/10

The bag it self I was very excited about, baring in mind I have nothing to compare with (I may do a comparison on real bag next time before I buy with them) I am actually quite pleased with. I would say its 100% the same as the authentic bag except for a join in the leather at the bottom side of the bag. you do have to look closely to see it but with the naked eye one could tell the craftsmanship of the joining of two pieces of leather is just not good. see pictures. I can only notice it when I look at it from an angle, to look straight on you cannot tell, still am a bit of a perfectionist so this niggles me a lot! I just hope that no one else notices it.

so I would give this bag an 8/10 for quality and craftsmanship. I just feel they have been a bit lazy with this. what do you think??

I would also say that this is just this bag, it may be that other more popular bags are 90% perfect as they claim their bags are, although I still want it to be 100% perfect! so I am pleased but a little annoyed with the join on the bag not being very good!


it sounds like I'm really disappointed with it but I'm not! maybe someone can give their opinion ! I am enjoying my bag but am still learning about this process and industry! xx
I think that minus the interior leather joint issue, it looks like a pretty good replica. How heavy are the chains?

I find that WOC's from any brand whether it be Gucci, or Chanel are never a 10/10. There are a lot of other bags that are however and those are the more popular ones which is why I stick with them. The rep manufacturers don't have as much of an incentive to make perfect items that are non as in-demand.
Yes I totally agree and I'm still sorta learning! I will know for next time for sure! the chain is lovely and the weight feels nice and heavy. Thanks for commenting. I do love it ! xx


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I think it looks nice overall tbh! I'm thinking of getting a Dionysus from them since I saw a lot of good reviews on their Dionysus.
* UPDATE* The chain broke! It was poor a quality chain, although fairly heavy the rings and clasp were very weak. I reached out to Emily at DD and asked for another chain, they would not send me another chain. They did offer to fix it, if I sent it back to them but at my cost. Overall fairly unhelpful although very apologetic. They also would NOT let me leave a revised review on the site just detailing what happened with the chain. So you can make up your own mind about this. Im sure I probably will buy another bag from them, because this actual model ( WOC) wasn't one of the most popular bags (see above conversation). I think they were wrong not to let me leave a revised review, this is mis leading for other potential customers. I didn't like that. How ever that, like I said probably won't stop me from buying from them again, with fingers crossed though!!
Hi Jolene that sucks to hear! You should ask them for a coupon for your next bag - that's what they gave me when one of my bags had issues. Order a Chloe - their Chloe bags are AMAZING!