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Hi , my name is Alex and ia from Austria. I read a lot of replica in the internet and everywere everybody is scared to get scamed! Of course i was also scared to get to a bad dealer and get bad quality !So i ordered a bag by Designer Discreet!
The answered really quick and every single e-mail i wrote , one day later i had the anwer! It never came in my mind , that my problem get the costums and not DD !
Also nobody everywere here in the forums or in the internet write about this experience?
Is it only me, who waited 2,5 month for the parcel and now i get a letter that it is piracy and i have to give my ok to destroy the parcel!
Is in this forum somebody with the same experience or from Austria with differnt experience ?
DD was very kiendly and want help and give me when i order again a much better price? But what to do?
They told me also to give a more safe shipping adress? What means this?
Please, can anybody give me an advice or help?
Thanks and greatings from Austria