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  1. brilliant.greenrose

    brilliant.greenrose New Member

    I wanted to buy a bag with "Fallinfashion".
    Please tell me if they are selling replicas.
  2. MaxIL

    MaxIL Moderator

    Hi :) can you write the precise URL so i can search for the exact site. But regarding the site "Fallinfashion" as you have written there seems to be conflicting reports. Some say they are legit other says that they have had bad experince with them. My advice would be to stick to the trusted sellers list. And if you really would like to buy something from "Fallinfashion" then i would advice you that you write to them and explain them that you are a part of this forum and would be able to vouch for them if they are honest and legit. After verified by admin or moderator they can be put on trusted sellers list.
  3. brilliant.greenrose

    brilliant.greenrose New Member

    Thank you for your reply.
    I saw the image of Birkin I bought at Fallinfashion in another forum.
    And it was lovely.
    so,I thought wanted to purchase from this seller.
    but, the URL posted on the web is invalid. I found a blog, but needed a password.

    I searched for "Fallinfashion" in the forum, but I could not find it.
    Is that a bad seller?
  4. MaxIL

    MaxIL Moderator

    They are not verified as trusted sellers yet so we dont know if they are bad/good or honest or scammers. As i wrote if you really want to buy from Them, then tell Them that you are from this forum and try to verify this seller together with the admin so all can benifit ;)
  5. TiffanyBlue

    TiffanyBlue New Member

    Fallin4fashion is now a scam. They were the same as pursevalley but PV got shut down and now there are impersonators pretending to be Fallin4fashion who sell cheap knockoffs. Stay away in my opinion.
  6. Aiche

    Aiche Member

    I have a friend who purchased from them a while ago and unfortunately she did not like the bag she had received as the stitching was very poorly made. I would personally recommend staying away from them :)

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