Experience with DD...

Can someone advise me how long and order is generally on hold for? I wired funds 8 days ago and have not heard anything. The order still shows on hold in my account. Any suggestions? I don't wan t to both them. I did email
pics of my wire transfer after it was done. Thanks in advance for your advice.
I tried to pay by wire transfer for my second order recently and it was on hold for a long time & then my payment was rejected and sent back. They said they are having issues with wire transfers so I just sent with Western Union and my order is now being processed. Hope your payment makes it through to them but mine didn't. I had paid with wire transfer for my first order without issue, but Western Union was actually faster in terms of processing. Just email them or add them on wechat for a quicker response. You have a right to bother them since you are ordering from them. ;)


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I just sent payment via Western Union at a kiosk for my order. I hope everything will be smooth. I am nervous about this. My first time.