Do you have a "guideline" with replica?

Hey yall!

Just was curious to know if you guys have some sort of a "guideline" when it comes to buying reps... do you strictly purchase only reps or do you mix and match with authentic bags? or buy reps that are easily replicated and good quality and buy the authentic for bags that are not so easy to replicate?

I personally love to mix and match with both replica and authentic bags. If I know the quality of the bag is basically the same as the real bag then I go for a rep. Otherwise if I cant find a good rep then I try and save up for the real thing. Just curious to know what your guidelines are?
Hi :)

Personally, if i could afford it i would buy the real deal but its so sad that the prices are way to high.
But regarding your question i would buy a replica which is popular since they manage to do it so well. The less a specific model is in demand the harder It is to find and usually isnt made as good as the well known models. But yeah i would do the same thing. Buy the good replicas and if i couldnt find it then buy the genuine. But It also depends on which model you like the most and how much attention you pay to the details :)
I normally go for mirror image, oxidizing leather for LV, real leather for an other replica. I normally go for seller ratings, and pictures. I used buy quite a few off of Ioffer. Now I go to AliExpress, and sometimes Ioffer. I asked tons of questions and do my research on the bag I want. I have only been burned once. Good luck.