Do you have a "guideline" with replica?

Discussion in 'Replica Bags General Discussion' started by balen.doll, Jan 12, 2018 at 7:16 PM.

  1. balen.doll

    balen.doll New Member

    Hey yall!

    Just was curious to know if you guys have some sort of a "guideline" when it comes to buying reps... do you strictly purchase only reps or do you mix and match with authentic bags? or buy reps that are easily replicated and good quality and buy the authentic for bags that are not so easy to replicate?

    I personally love to mix and match with both replica and authentic bags. If I know the quality of the bag is basically the same as the real bag then I go for a rep. Otherwise if I cant find a good rep then I try and save up for the real thing. Just curious to know what your guidelines are?

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