Designer discreet YSL

Hey guys,
I recently purchased a sac de jour off DD (designer discreet). This is my first replica purchase, I own around 15 authentic designer bags of all brands. But what can I say?! I am completely blown away by the quality at DD. Communication is quite poor on their part but they do get around to it. Personally I wouldn't bother asking for pre shipment photos as I found they were way to busy to even get a reply back to me in time. I paid through western union with no issues (my first time using it) I will post photos when I get home.
Wow quality looks top notch + the stamping looks very clean considering the croc leather is textured. I've seen a lot of bad stamping on smooth YSL reps let alone croc ones. Enjoy your bag & I'm sure you're gonna enjoy the savings buying reps from now on! :p;)