DD experience -my first ever replica

Thanks to this forum I finally took the plunge and ordered from DD! I'm happy I did. I was afraid it might be a scam, but yay! It's not!! I think they're genuinely trying to sell good looking products at prices that are more affordable than the real thing. It's not a cheap place to buy from, but I didn't want a cheap and nasty fake. I've seen some shocking fakes around. I wanted a good quality replica.

I was afraid to spend too much on my first order, just in case. I ordered a CC wallet on a chain (it wasn't displayed on the site, but if you ask, they have heaps of other products). I was happy with my order. The bag is lovely. If an expert inspected it, they'd say it's not real, but who is going to inspect my handbag? It looks real on my arm, so I'm going to enjoy wearing it. I guess it depends how picky you are. I think that if you want genuine, save up and buy genuine. This is a copy, it's not real, but it has soft leather with real-looking hardware AND at $345, it costs a gazillion times less than the real thing. I haven't held the authentic version of the bag in real life, so I'm not sure how accurate the chain is, but the clasp and the bar on top look great.

I got the bag today. It took 4 business days from sending my payment via western union to receiving my package (in Sydney, Australia) -- I thought that was great. It does smell chemical-y, which is a turn off, but Ive read other reviews that say the smell disappears. I have the bag airing in my wardrobe now. If the smell goes away soon I'll be super happy. I guess the bag's been sitting in a factory rather than in a store, so that's to be expected. The paperwork doesn't look very authentic (the authenticity card etc), but I'm not too worried because i didn't buy it to resell.

I have to say that unlike some of the other reviews here, I was SO impressed by the service!! I used the wechat app. Emily is awesome! She answered all my questions within about an hour! I kept asking whether they had this or that (they have so much more than they put on their site). She was so patient with me. It was like having a sales assistant at my beck and call. Over the course of about two weeks I kept messaging her with questions about various bags and charms and scarfs, and she answered every time. I even changed my mind about which bag to order, but she was patient. Emily was the main reason I trusted the site. I just kept telling myself that a scammer wouldn't go to so much trouble just to get a few hundred bucks from me! Haha! I was glad to find out that they're real people on the other end, offering a genuine service. Phew!

I have an authentic LV wallet, shawl and the Favorite at home, and I do plan to buy more authentic LV, but Im going to try an LV from DD next. I think most of the good reviews from DD are in regards to their LV items, so I look forward to seeing how good these are. I'm addicted to the look of high end bags but I can't justify spending tens of thousands on them. With DD, I might be able to satisfy some of my cravings at a more reasonable price. By the way, I've always been so skeptical when I read reviews, I always wonder if they are written by the company themselves. But I'm actually a real customer and I can write anything I want here!!! It restores my faith in the review process! :) I'll post pics tomorrow in daylight (it's night time here now).
Great info and advice. Please keep us posted I am thinking of buying a bag from them. Not yet decided on the one I want yet. I'm new and nervous like everyone I read about when they start.