Chanel Jumbo Flap Bag (Beige) from Kaye

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    Hi everyone, so I want to share a review of my new Chanel bag with you guys. I ordered it around Christmas time from Kaye by emailing her. I found her on the trusted dealer list on this forum.

    So it took around 2 weeks to get the bag. I ordered a Chanel Jumbo Flap bag in lambskin beige/tan color with gold hardware & it is a total beauty. I am very very impressed. My friend has a LOT of real Chanels (she's married to a really successful software developer) so I had a good reference point to check the bag against when I got it. So here is my review:

    Price: $545 USD including shipping (shipping was by DHL - I live in the UK).

    Quality: 9.5/10

    The leather is SO SMOOTH and SO BUTTERY. I always read online at other forums like TPF that your Chanel bag in lambskin should be exceptionally smooth and once again from my friend's bag I knew that the bag had to feel super soft, so this was what I was most worried about. When I opened the box I noticed the bag had a really good leather smell which I was happy about since that is one of the biggest concerns I had especially since it was my first time buying from Kaye. I was also shocked at the lack of the chemical smell since that it is usually how my rep bags come and are until I air them out a big. The hardware is very heavy and seems to be of excellent quality. The stitching is on point and it has about 8-9 stitches per square. I compared it to my friend's bag and except for the serial number on the authentication card and sticker on the inside of the bag, you CANNOT tell it is a fake. The only thing I would say is that the chains are about 5% lighter than the original, but that's something that's a visual flaw or that is really really noticeable therefore I don't care.

    Packaging: 7.5/10

    The packaging was damaged a bit on the way - I am not super upset about this since I don't really buy bags for the packaging, I buy them for the bag itself. The packaging was a black Chanel box with white ribbons and all. It was gift ready and that was a pleasant surprise since it showed me how much care was put into it.

    Customer Service: 8/10

    The responses took about a day each time to get back and forth, until I settled on the bag. I guess the fact that Kaye is in China accounts for this. Overall she was polite, accomodating, and straight to the point so I am happy.


    I think that the price is totally justified based on the fact that I paid 1/10 of the cost of a real Chanel and got a bag that is 99% similar. I am a happy camper and will definitely shop with Kaye again (maybe splurge on an H-bag next time since she sells those too).

    I will post some pics on the weekend when I can spare a few minutes. Hope this review helps any other buyers out there contemplating whether to go with Kaye or not.
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  2. Aryel

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    Here's a pic of the bag that I sent my friend when I first got it:

  3. bagluver1

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    I was hoping someone purchased a bag from Kaye and did a review, so I truly appreciate this! Will def test her products out soon. :)
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    Looks beautiful! Where is Kaye's contacts? Still a newbie on the forum.
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  5. Aryel

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    You can see it in the trusted seller/dealer page of the forum.
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    Its a beautiful bag. I will be ordering in the future. Thanks for the post
  7. Aiche

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    The bag is gorg. Congrats.
  8. pursedrama

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    O M G your bags a beaut girl. Love it!! The beige in caviar is on my wishlist too!
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    Extremely new here, been looking for a good Chanel seller for a while! But does she send pics of what she sells or did you tell her what you wanted? I've never dealt with just an email address before, thanks for any help!

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