Celine Nano Luggage

Hello @Bagaholic !

I love that your into purple - that is my favoriet color too ;). I have actually been wanting to purchase an authentic purple celine luggage in nano, however once my friend recommended replicas, Ive decided i would like to purchase a rep instead. if anyone knows any good rep spots with this bag (pic below), it would be very helpful!


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Hello everyone! I'm really, really interested in the Luggage Nano - does anyone know what colors it comes in? I know it comes in kelly green, poppy pink, tan and yellow at the Celine store in Milan and in black at 10 Corso Como, but I'm sure there there should be more colors available since the regular Luggage has many colors!

Please let me know if you have seen other colors! I'm most interested in purple, if it's possible - any color purple is fine by me.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks :D