Buying Replicas on Instagram?

Discussion in 'Replica Bags General Discussion' started by bagmama, Feb 21, 2017.

  1. bagmama

    bagmama New Member

    Has anyone had any good experience buying bags on IG? I always see a lot of fakes advertised but am not sure if this is a good/safe way to purchase.
  2. TiffanyBlue

    TiffanyBlue New Member

    this is a good thread, will be watching regularly for advice... i have seen so many on instagram but it is so hard to trust them
  3. Honeychildddddd

    Honeychildddddd New Member

    I've seen a lot of buyers on IG. And its true, it's hard to trust a lot of them. However i have heard some stories from some acquaintances who do purchase on IG and are very happy with their products. I think it's really all about finding the right seller and and taking a chance honestly.
  4. Karen

    Karen New Member

    I made a purchase of two hand bags from Nikki Chen few weeks back on whatsapp she is dealing. Reliable, timely supply. She is not maintaining any website but we have to let her web page links from any replica websites over there. Only best AAA quality bags are supplied by her. Not to contact her for cheap or low quality replica bags or watches. She buys direct from factory and ship worldwide. Shipping is also free. Only accepts western union and bank transfer. PM for her contact details. Also provides images from the bags/watches before shipping to help us check the quality or any defects, we can get it replaced and shipped.
  5. kenshii

    kenshii New Member

    Hi Karen,

    Would you mind sharing her (Nikki Chen's) contact info with me as well? I have been trying to find trustworthy sellers who supply quality replicas. Thanks!
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  6. kenshii

    kenshii New Member

    On second thought, I don't want Nikki Chen's contact info anymore. A quick google search of her reveals that she is a fraud. So rep enthusiasts, I'd say be cautious. I wouldn't advise contacting this Nikki Chen character. Stick to who we already know can be trusted.
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  7. jolene90

    jolene90 New Member

    I would say no. If they don't rip you off the quality will be so bad it will disappoint you. I have had a bad experience and won't be doing it again no matter what!
  8. Myglamour

    Myglamour New Member

    I have bought a perfect quality bag from an italian lady on instagram. The nick is ***
    Real pics and what you see is what you get, honest prices.
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  9. MaxIL

    MaxIL Moderator

    I dont think its good to advertise about sites before they are verified by the admin or moderator. Contact Them to verificeret this site, so people dont get scammed
  10. Myglamour

    Myglamour New Member

    I thought that this forum was intended to suggest good suppliers. I reported my personal experience, I don't think that the admin knows every seller or this one in particular, but I bought from her and I am very satisfied.

    The suppliers on the recommended list are old of decades, most no longer existing and the few who are have outrageous prices quite reaching those of the auth items.

    If the admin thinks we can't give suggestions based on our experience, she can delete my post.
    But I'll delete my subscription here too, because I signed up only to see other buyers' recommendations and find out new good suppliers based on others' experience.

    And that should be the main purpose of a forum, otherwise it's a personal blog where only one person can give her advice.
  11. MaxIL

    MaxIL Moderator

    No i dont think you understood what i meant. We as a forum dont know if you are a seller posing as a member. Thats why we have to verify your purchasing before recommendation of a site
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  12. Panda

    Panda Administrator Staff Member

    Hi @Myglamour the point of this forum is to suggest good suppliers. However it is a well known fact that the replica market is filled with scams and we are trying to keep our forum clean from scams hence the requirement for verification. If you have purchased from an unknown seller all you simply have to do is get your purchase verified through the forum then you can share. We take our forum members' security very seriously. Also your insistence on simply recommending one seller leads me to believe you are a seller, in fact the seller you are recommending, otherwise you would be willing to follow the rules and vet your seller. Also you are wrong - the trusted sellers all exist, and are reputable. Feel free to go elsewhere and advertise your company.
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  13. Myglamour

    Myglamour New Member

    I understand what you mean. You may think I am that seller and I am just suggesting myself.
    So I can provide the receipt of payment, seen that posting the pics of the bag purchased wouldn't save me from the suspect of scamming you ;)
    Anyway I don't really care if you believe me or not, or if you buy from that seller or not. I just brought my experience.
    So you can't believe anyone here because they can all be sellers promoting themselves?
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  14. Karrey

    Karrey New Member

    I agree with you! I’ve gotten some beautiful replicas from a few different sites and every time I try to recommend the administrator steps in and blah blah blah. It seems they only recommend a few websites that have outrageous pricing! If we were the sellers we would be using broken English.

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