Authenticating a Louis Vuitton Galliera

Discussion in 'Authenticate My Bag!' started by angiepursequeen, Feb 21, 2017.

  1. angiepursequeen

    angiepursequeen New Member

    Hey all! I received an email from a blog reader asking me to authenticate an LV Galliera she got in 2009. The pics are below and I will add a detailed post with why the bag looks real/fake.

    DSC_0123.JPG DSC_0122.JPG DSC_0121.JPG
  2. marialadel barrio

    marialadel barrio New Member

    looks fake to me....
  3. Nemesis

    Nemesis New Member

    Looks fake. The LV is cut off in the middle section towards the bottom. LV never cuts off the LV from what I've heard and seen on the original LV webpage

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