Hi everyone! Please help. There are a lot of resellers in IG that tells me that their product is authentic, it comes from the same manufacturer and same materials used etc., the only difference is that it is not from the store (chanel,hermes,gucci,etc.,). Can you really say it is AUTHENTIC EVEN IF THE PRICE IS WAY MUCH CHEAPER THAN THE ORIGINAL PRICE? and do they really use the same materials used with the original ones? Thanks please help.
Hi Georgina those people are lying. The only way to get an authentic bag is either through a certified reseller (but keep in mind even those companies like fashionphile etc. have a fake slip in sometimes) or you must go to the boutique. Anyone claiming they are selling the real thing for 80% off is selling a fake. Don't believe them. If they are willing to lie about that the quality is probably crap too. Go with someone who is upfront about what the bag is - a replica.