Advise on a selling website.

Hi there everyone.

I have come across a website They claim to sell counter quality replicas. I have seen the purse queens blog thread that a couple of people have bought from there and said they have had no problems in receiving their goods. I have contacted the main guy who runs the email, his name is ARI. He gets back to you quite quickly and has no problems answering your questions about their bags etc.

My question is has anybody heard of it? Has anybody used the site? they seem pretty legit, always uploading new items and from what it look like they look like good reps. They are not on any recommended sellers list that I have found so far so am a bit dubious now wether to use them.

I want to get a gucci reversible tote and I cant find one on DD.

any advise would be welcome on this.

love Jo x
My hesitation with trusting just blog comments is that the seller could make those comments themselves. i have narrowed down the list of sites i am willing to buy drom by looking for positive reviews on multiple site as well as videos on youtube.
Hard to say, because they don't admit they are the seller, but because on this site you can't post links of sellers it seems like people will show up for a day and comment on a few post with the name of a seller or site and then when they get told they can't post it the person is gone.
Hi Jolene90 i have answered previously on this subject on another threaf. Here is what i wrote/found :)

"do you mean or
either way i wouldnt recommend buying from random sites.

The first site is down right now and the second site dosnt look to have good reviews. I found this:

and also somebody who didnt receive their product

(search for the site in the comment section)

There is a trusted sellers list here on the forum i would advise you to buy from them since they are well known and have good quality products you wont be disappointed in :)"